Vuescan для linux mint

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Your VueScan download should start within seconds. If it doesn’t, restart the download Download the 64-bit version of VueScan

Linux Alternatives

We distribute VueScan for linux in three forms, .deb for debian/Ubuntu distributions, .rpm for Red Hat/Fedora distributions, and .tgz for other Linux systems.

You can download whichever is best for your situation here

Ubuntu Installation Instructions

Vuescan works on Ubuntu and most of its derivatives such as Lubuntu and Mint. Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and other Debian-based distributions all use .deb files and the dpkg package management system. To install the software:

  • Download the Debian linux file (.deb) from our website
  • Use the dpkg command to install the file from the command line

Example installing version 9.7.90 :

VueScan should then appear in the accessories menu.

Open the .exe file from your Downloads at the top right of your browser window. Open the .exe file from your Downloads at the bottom left of your browser window. Open the .exe file from your Downloads at the top right of your browser window. Open the .dmg file from your Downloads at the top right of your browser window. Open the .dmg file from your Downloads at the lower left corner of your browser window. Open the .dmg file from your Downloads at the top right of your browser window.

Allow the VueScan Installer to make changes to your system. You may also be asked to install the VueScan Driver.

Drag and drop the VueScan icon to your Applications folder, or double click to Launch VueScan.

Open VueScan either from the Start menu or Desktop and start scanning.

Open VueScan from your Applications folder or open the Launchpad (CMD+Space) and type VueScan to launch VueScan.

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Learn about the user interface of VueScan with this quick product tour.

VueScan How-to Guides

Want to learn more about how to accomplish different tasks with VueScan? Check out our how-to guides here.

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Linux Scanner Software

Can’t Find a Driver for Your Scanner? VueScan is here to help

We reverse engineered over 7100 scanners and included built in drivers in VueScan so you can keep using the scanner you already have.
Download VueScan and start scanning in 60 seconds.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying

Read more reviews here

Gil Schneider

I had tons of photos to scan, and after doing some research I decided to go for VueScan. I don’t regret my decision. Scanning was a breeze and saved me a lot of time. I’m using a Brother All-in scanner which I bought 3 years ago and whilst its scanning software is not bad it’s much slower and has way less options than VueScan. My operation system is Windows 10. I can recommend VueScan without hesitation. It»s worth the money.

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Victor C Glanville

Hamrick Software — I have been using VueScan for 10 years on several different computers using 3 scanner models. It really is an excellent product well maintained and exceptional value for money. It has given me a lot of pleasure over the years and helped produce some high quality scans of vintage family photography. I can recommend it to anyone.

Tim Flanigan

I am absolutely in love with this software! My Nikon COOL SCAN V would only work with Windows 98 so it’s been our of commission for quite a while. Thanks to VueScan, it back online and working better than ever. It is so efficient and easy to use that I’m looking forward to scanning several thousand slides that have been stored away and unusable. My scanner now works so much better than it did originally that I am incredulous. I purchased the Pro version and it is worth every penny of the reasonable price. WOW! Love it! Thank You Hamrick.

Marc Bodewes

In Jan 2003 I bought VueScan for my Epson Perfection 1200. I used it a lot, more functions than the standard driver. Got new computers with new operating systems, forgot about VueScan. I got a new Epson scanner — old one doesn’t have Win10 drivers. I remembered VueScan. Found it, downloaded the trial version, and my old EPSON 1200 scanner WORKED again. Wow, a purchase made in 2003, works on a PC with an operating system that doesn’t exist in 2003. 17 YEARS later! And that for a very small amount of money. THIS IS SERVICE AND ADDING VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMER!

Peter Glusker

It’s absurd that I couldn’t use my Espon WF-3520 scanner when Mac OS updated, and Epson obviously has no interest in fixing the problem. Works perfectly with VueScan 9.

Senta Schuijers

Was going to send my very old HP scanjet to the landfill but thanks to Hamrick Software I won’t have to. Very sustainable. It works on my Macbook with Catalina OS.

Kathy Lower

Vuescan Professional saved me from having to buy a new scanner when Mac Catalina no longer supported my current scanner. Much less expensive than buying a new scanner, easy to use and great quality.

Lee Washington

I’m very pleased with the software. It recognized all scanner features and allows me to continue scan to documents after macOS update.

Trusted by over 900,000 customers across the globe including

How it works

We reverse engineer older scanner drivers so that you can use old scanners that are no longer supported
We also use the latest drivers and plugins from manufacturers and operating systems
You download VueScan and use it to scan documents, photos, film and slides with your scanner

The Tool For All Your Scanning Needs

VueScan has the features you need no matter what you need to scan

Scan Documents

Whether you need to scan a single page or a hundred page book, VueScan has the tools to help you.

Scan to PDF (Single and Multipage)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Automatic Color Detection

Small document file sizes

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Automatic document deskewing

Scan Photos

Do you have boxes full of photos in a drawer? Use VueScan to get them on your computer, and off your to-do list.

Scan with Flatbed and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)

Scan to JPEG or TIFF

Preset photo sizes

Scan multiple photos on the flatbed

Automatic file naming

Scan Film and Slides

VueScan is the ultimate tool for all your film and slide scanning needs.

Works with almost all film/slide scanners


Infrared Dust Removal

Works on 7100+ scanners

Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux

Updated every week or two

Advanced Scanning Control

Works on Flatbed, Document, and Film/Slide Scanner

Translated in to 28+ languages

How do I scan on Linux?

There are two main ways that you can scan on Linux. The first is to use a scanner that is supported by the SANE project. SANE supports many scanners (to varying degrees) and you may be able to scan perfectly fine just with this. SANE has a command line version and also many graphical front ends.

If you aren’t able to get your scanner working with SANE — you might try downloading VueScan. VueScan includes over 7100 scanner drivers, many of which are not supported by the SANE project.

Why doesn’t my scanner work on Linux

  1. It isn’t supported by the SANE project
  2. The USB cable has gone bad, try using a different cable or port.
  3. If the scanner has an on button, make sure that it is turned on
  4. Try turning your scanner off and on again
  5. Try running as root instead of a normal user

Does Linux have scanner software?

Yes! Linux has many scanner software options. The most commercial option is VueScan — scanner software used by over 900,000 users around the world. It supports many scanners that aren’t supported by the SANE project.

Every day thousands of people download VueScan to fix their old scanner

Now it’s your turn to bring your scanner back to life — and keep it out of the landfill


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VueScan — Closed / Workaround.

VueScan — Closed / Workaround.

Post by mike acker » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:48 pm

Has anyone tried out a program called VueScan

it’s outside the repos— I see it has an assortment of good reviews.

Re: VueScan

Post by Bolle1961 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:00 pm

Re: VueScan

Post by Dutchmaster » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:42 pm

Blue Ridge Mountains , U S A

I take refuge in the 3 jewels of the Linux Dharma: Kindness and Generosity (Buddha), Freedom (Dharma), and Collaboration (Sangha).

100% LInux since 2002

Re: VueScan

Post by jimallyn » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:02 pm

“If the government were coming for your TVs and cars, then you’d be upset. But, as it is, they’re only coming for your sons.” — Daniel Berrigan

Re: VueScan

Post by songhuijohn » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:18 pm

Re: VueScan

Post by mike acker » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:04 am

Thanks, Gang

I bought a lic. for VueScan / Pro ; downloaded & installed: OK, including driver for Epson Perfection V500 / 64 bit .deb

now for the Question: how do I add the program to the menu ?

Re: VueScan

Post by Bolle1961 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:49 pm

I added a new menu item to «graphics» with the command /home/arie/VueScan/vuescan
This depends ofcourse where you extracted vuescan

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Btw, don’t forget to backup your vuescan.rc file, that holds your license key

Re: VueScan

Post by mike acker » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:52 pm

another VuScan question:

If I put ( e.g.) 4 3×5 prints on the glass and run a preview — I’d like it to automatically find the 4 images. I got to the point where I can select each one, one at a time, and save them — but I think I’m missing something here — seems like if it can find 1 image — it does that OK — it should be able to find several —

Bolle — thanx for the tip on the menu; that should be ezpz

Re: VueScan

Post by mike acker » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:23 pm

Bolle1961 wrote: I added a new menu item to «graphics» with the command /home/arie/VueScan/vuescan
This depends ofcourse where you extracted vuescan

Btw, don’t forget to backup your vuescan.rc file, that holds your license key

couple questions — hopefully you know how to on these—

1. in scanning slides — how can i get it to pickup 4 frames at a time — I can only get it to do the first 1 of the 4 frames;

2. how can I suppress the «2d scan» — where it just scans what looks like a blank frame.

Re: VueScan

Post by mike acker » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:19 pm

no luck with Negs at all

it appears VueScan really doesn’t understand how the V500 uses those plastic frames to hold the transpariencies positioned in in the center: 4 frames for 2.25″ slides and two strips of negs — 6 frames each;

the VueScan does just fine on flatbed documents & prints — but — it’s the slides and negs we are after.

VueScan: talk directly to them

Post by pdc_2 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:32 am

Re: VueScan: talk directly to them

Post by mike acker » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:39 am

Re: VueScan

Post by mike acker » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:42 pm

I was unable to use the Epson V500 Scanner package in my Virtual box / Windows 8.1 VM

however, I’ve found this and fixed it. what happened: for some reason: I got booted out of the «vboxusers» group. why — remains a mystery. It may have happened when i had to re-install LMDE/2 into the / partition.

thinking maybe the USB filter was wrong, I deleted all the USB filters from the USB Dialog in Virtual Box Manager,

however,— when i deleted the filters for USB devices from the Virtualbox manager USB dialog — I was unable to put them back. Googling for this problem quickly revealed that I must be a member of vboxusers — to use the USB interface

why VirtualBox left the devices listed in the USB dialog — well — ?

anyway,— if you’re having trouble connecting a USB in VirtualBox the first thing to do is go to terminal and use the

make sure you are in the vboxusers group. after you put yourself in log out and log back on to pickup the change.

it will be interesting to see VueScan response to this; I’d rather have a real Linux program than to depend on VirtualBox. This scanner is one of 2 I have yet to kill off; the other is Turbotax.


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