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10 Best WordPress Health Blog Themes 😷 2022

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Health Blog Themes? This article lists the best WordPress Health Blog themes suitable for Health Blog, Health Coach Blog, Medical Blog, Lifestyle Blogs, Health and Wellness, Healthcare, Health, Medical, and Business websites.

Would you like to start a Health Blog website using the advanced WordPress template?

⚡️ Need a quick answer? For a quick solution, here is the Publisher theme for WordPress. It provides many features, is optimized for Google, and contains more than 100 samples that can be imported immediately.

To save time and effort, we have rounded up a list of the Best WordPress themes for Health Blog with well-crafted designs that are inventive if you start your site in 2022. Also, the themes are well-suited, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready, and speed optimized.

We have handpicked the following list of Health Blog themes to assist you pick the fabulous theme. Also, this bundle of WordPress themes is usable for Health Coach Blog, Medical Blog, Lifestyle Blogs, Health and Wellness, Healthcare, Health, Medical, Business and more business people in this field.

So, here are nearly 15 Best Health Blog WordPress themes for 2022:

Care Theme

Medical Health Blogging WordPress Theme

The Care WordPress theme offers an excellent solution for clients who wish to promote their healthcare, dental, health, educational, or other services on the Internet.

The theme can also be used as a blog theme for health-related companies and organizations.

Thus, it can be used for any type of website, such as your business, and it is fully compatible with today’s latest WordPress versions, as well as a wide variety of Internet browsers and operating systems.

💵 You can purchase this theme at $49.

  • The content width choice function is available
  • Boxed & full-width layouts are available
  • A Collection of Google Fonts are available
  • A background cover option with multiple settings is provided
  • Post format enabled blog is provided
  • Multiple blog layouts are offered

Health Coach Theme

Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme

With this theme, your homepage is enhanced with a variety of sections that can assist in making your business a success as a leader in health care.

Apart from more than 800 fonts provided by Google, the company also offers video backgrounds and parallax backgrounds.

This template is entirely customizable with the Visual Composer plugin that comes with Health Coach. Its classical sidebar layout and widgets are equally attractive, as they were carefully selected to match the website’s aesthetics.

💵 You can get all of these excellent features for $59.

  • Healthy recipes management is available
  • The premade pages are available
  • Translation options are available
  • An Awesome before & after a plugin is integrated
  • Advanced contact forms are offered
  • Full Woocommerce store compatibility is available


Top 7 best health blog WordPress theme for 2020

If you are looking for WordPress for Health care and Beauty Blog, we provide top 7 Best WordPress Theme for Health Blog. Let’s find out more in the article to choose the one works best for your site

    By Daniel Finley

October 16, 2021


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Nowadays, the rapid growth of the economy in the whole world drives several problems especially concerned about a healthy lifestyle. Health and nutrition are more prominent topics now than ever before.

People are paying more attention to what they put in their bodies and how they exercise. While the health industry is extremely competitive, there’s never been more interest from consumers. If you want to stand out and get more clients/customers, one of the best ways is with a fantastic website. A great WordPress theme will transform your site into your most valuable marketing asset.

These following health themes which belong to the Top 7 best health blog WordPress theme for 2020 will support your business obtaining success. However, the top and good health blog, free blog templates, and best healthy lifestyle blogs with 1 of 7 best health blog WordPress themes for 2020 will definitely make you and even customers addicted to it. They all have gorgeous designs, effective layouts, and all the features you’ll need as a good health blogger for your best healthy lifestyle blogs.

1. The Cleopa health beauty woocommerce

If you’re looking for a health blog that caters to food and recipes, you need to check out Cleopa which is the first priority by experts as well as beginners. It’s the most advanced Health and Beauty WooCommerce WordPress theme available and comes with tons of unique functions for better attraction.

Cleopa templates have tons of useful sections for things like the unique demos, powerful core theme and so on…. Moreover, with more than 40 unique grid design templates and supporting by 60+ of predefined layouts allow the Cleopa offering to help users creating free blog templates WordPress and top health blog easily. Also, it allows you to automatically construct SEO for higher sales as someone is on line seeing your posts. Users can have a great experience when they see your good health blog or your pages with a lot of the above advantages.

This Health & Beauty Woocommerce WordPress Theme has a theme settings panel for quickly customizing aspects of the site like the colors and background image. It also has some neat SEO features like showing your recipe thumbnail and star-rating in the Google search results. Besides, there is a professional team that is always available to answer the question relative to their product. And the most important is the responsiveness that all customers need to meet their demands and questions. Cleopa is the best in Top 7 Best Health Blog WordPress Theme for 2020 because it is not only having unique features and best quick service but it also optimizes by unlimited sources. It is a treasure in real life.

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2. The Health Coach blog lifestyle magazine

Health Coach works great for regular blogging, but it also has templates that make it effective for building a personal brand as a health or lifestyle coach. It can easily be used for personal trainers, nutrition experts, and dietitians too.

The homepage design is beautiful and includes a lot of useful sections for growing a business as a health leader. Don’t get caught up in the details though. This template is entirely customizable with the Visual Composer plugin that comes with Health Coach. You’ll want to give the blog a look at the demo site too. There’s a classic sidebar layout, and all of the widgets are beautifully designed to match the aesthetic of the site. Each post has social media sharing buttons built-in and an about the author box after the content to help build your brand.

While all of the themes listed here are responsive, Health Coach is really well optimized for phones. Mobile optimization is significant since a lot of your readers will be checking your site out on-the-go. One more cool feature in this theme is the WooCommerce compatibility. That means you can sell digital or physical products and service straight from your site.

3. The Health Coach healthy lifestyle blog

This theme has a classic design that visitors will find easy to use. It has a lot of similar features to the Health Coach theme by ThemeRex, but with a few neat variations. There are quite many people that believe in using health coach blog which is in third place of Top 7 Best Health Blog WordPress theme for 2020

Health Coach Blog can be used for more than just a blog. You can publish sales pages, customer testimonials, and even add a complete eCommerce store. If you want to start by blogging and add more sales content to your site down the road, this is a theme you can really grow into. You can even branch into other more professional business topics like medical equipment and healthcare insurance.

There are multiple pre-made homepages you can choose from as a starting point. All of them are customizable using the included Visual Composer plugin. Add pricing tables, contact forms, and highly customizable images sliders to any post or page. There are even multiple header styles to choose from which can dramatically change the look of your site. Add in the shortcodes and theme options panel, and this is one very flexible WordPress theme for a health blog.

4. The Gracioza weight loss blog

Graciosa is an advanced blogging theme for the health industry. Use it to publish premium content about nutrition, healthy eating, wellness, or healthcare.

What sets Gracioza apart is the page builder functionality that comes in addition to the blog. You see, the blog design is gorgeous and customizable, but modern blogs need more than a simple list of the latest posts. With the WPBakery page builder, you can create as many custom page templates as you want. It’s critical that your homepage has some sort of lead generation so you can grow your email list.

When it comes to customization, Gracioza doesn’t disappoint. Create mega menus, display unique content in your posts and pages with dynamic shortcodes, and customize everything from the color scheme to the fonts via the admin interface. This health blogging theme even includes parallax scrolling effects and Google Fonts integration to create a distinct, professional vibe. the content importer makes it very easy to get started with Graciosa.

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5. The Fit & Thin WordPress theme

Fit & Thin is a simple theme you can use to run a wellness blog or other health-related content site. With custom widgets and dozens of shortcodes, you can create lots of layout variety for the homepage and other pages of your site.

While you can create all sorts of pages with Fit & Thin, the blog is its strong point. Customize the layout, add sliders, change the fonts and more to make it entirely personalized for your brand.

Installing this medical theme is straightforward thanks to the simple two-step importer. You’ll also get lifetime free updates with your purchase, so you can be sure your site will keep working with future releases of WordPress.

6. The Readable WordPress theme

Readable is a cool blogging theme with a modern and spacious design. It doesn’t cater specifically to any niche, so it can serve health blogs perfectly well. The adaptive style will work well whether you write about nutrition, fitness, or living a healthy lifestyle. Readable is a great Theme in Top 7 Best Health Blog WordPress Theme for 2020

One thing I really like about this theme is the homepage layout. It allows you to feature individual posts and categories instead of simply listing your latest content. The post pages themselves can use a left or right sidebar (or no sidebar at all). There are also a number of useful custom widgets that look really great in the sidebar.

Another cool feature of Readable is the page builder integration. You can use the SiteOrigin page builder plugin to create custom page layouts using widgets. This means you can use all of WordPress’ default widgets, any widgets found on wordpress.org, and the widgets that come included in Readable. It’s a nice touch that adds some extra flexibility to this blogging theme.

7. The Health Coach compete theme

Are you working on a personal brand as a health coach? Whether your expertise is in diet, exercise, dating, or general wellness, Health Coach is a theme that can help you meet your goals.

Health Coach is an attractive theme, and it comes with a bunch of template parts. You can use these template parts with the included drag-and-drop page builder to create your own layouts. If you don’t want your homepage to be just like the demo that’s no problem at all, choose precisely the sections you like and include them in the order you’d like and with the text and images you want.

One thing that helps this theme stand out is the attention paid to business goals. There are forms included for getting visitors to book appointments, and online store capabilities thanks to the WooCommerce support. It’s also translation-ready and supports WPML.

In Conclusion

The first impression is totally vital to create profit and attracts customers. Basically, images are more powerful than words for easily keeping in mind to make a decision. All themes come with support, so if you are not sure how to go about making a change, the theme-makers will be there to help you to install and apply to your website.

Each Theme in Top 7 Best Health Blog WordPress Theme for 2020 can be a chance to raise your revenue as well as obtaining the knowledge of health and beauty to live a happy life.

Cmsmart sells packages that are to build a website, redecorate, fix for the project with the lowest price for the industry. Besides, our support team is willing to answer questions, support, and have responsibility for the rest of your project. We hope you find the solution work best for you.


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